Known as “Capital Provincial del Rafting”, Corcovado is an Argentine town in the Futaleufú Department, in the Province of Chubut. It is located 90 km south of Esquel, head of the Department, and 65 km from Trevelin.

It is located at the northern head of the valley that crosses the Corcovado river -whose Mapuche name is Carrenleufú- in the central zone of the western mountain range of the province of Chubut, east of the meandering curves of the river and crossed by the Arroyos Carbón, Huemul and Perdido.  It offers an unbeatable setting, typical of a mountain village, for fishing, rafting and nature observation activities due to the environmental quality of the area. The mountain range topography with its snowy rocky peaks and an evergreen vegetation of the mountain range cypresses and maitenes with the prominence of the river that offers beaches to enjoy during your stay.

The best time to visit Corcovado is from November to March. Ideal for rafting! Our Rafting experiences depart from the Sol y Luna Camping located at the entrance of the town.

The only access route is by land, which can be reached by your own car (or rented), by bus from Esquel and Trevelin or by consulting any travel agency in these locations for services.

Rafting and Kayak in the Patagonian rivers

It is an activity that mixes adventure, excitement and adrenaline. Direct contact with natural spaces brings benefits to the physical and mental condition and as it is an activity that is done in a group it is beneficial to develop teamwork skills.

Dare to live an experience that will awaken all your senses!